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Ways to tap into the foodie travel trend

Posted by Barbara Janse van Rensburg on 07 December 2018 3:55 PM CAT
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One of the hottest travel and tourism trends for 2017 is centered on food and it’s easy to see why! With the rise of chef-lebrities, food travel shows like Anthony Bourdain’s Part’s Unknown, and a movement for both farm-to-table dining options and more authenticity inexperience, culinary tourism is an easy one for Caribbean resorts, hotels, tour operators, and of course restaurants to tap into.


The important thing to (ALWAYS) remember is your marketing mix. When considering ideas for incorporating more Caribbean food tourism experiences into your programming remember: what appeals to one foodie won’t to many others so create verticals: gourmet / fine dining as one, local street food as another, etc.

In America, the popularity of food festivals and casual dining experiences (like gastropubs) are growing at a more rapid pace than those journeying for fine dining experiences, so it’s safe to assume that tourists from America to the Caribbean will seek much the same.

Some benefits to cultivating your foodie tourism experiences as a Caribbean destination:

1.  Promotion of local culture
2.      More repeat visits
3.      Higher average visitor spending
4.      More money stays on-island
5.      Unique culinary experiences = market positioning differentiation

According to a recent report by Skift, “Avid food tourists today are also compelled to explore deeper into local neighbourhoods beyond the typical tourist scenes. They’ll travel farther away from their hotels for a memorable meal, and they’re more interested and willing to ask probing questions about the process behind the meal’s production. The more unique the culinary experience is, the more unique the travel and destination experience is.”

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