Veldskoen Farm Stall

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  • N1 Highway
  • De Doorns, Western Cape
  • 6875
  • +023 356 2619

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The Veldskoen Farm Stall is just 4 km north of De Doorns and is truly a delightful stop along the road. This is a regular stop for regular travelers along this route who treat Veldskoen as a halfway house along their journey and is also enormously popular with the local valley residents. The shop is well stocked with a wide array of tasty goodies for sale and most of the produce is sourced within a 100km radius.The Veldskoen’s ample wine shop also sells local wines from the North Boland area. The Veldskoen also has a restaurant and their trained chef offers a delicious selection of dishes. The restaurant has tables indoor amongst the interesting displays as well as under the spacious shady verandah in the garden. The farm stall’s convenient location also makes it a firm favorite for business meetings over lunch or a refreshing drink. The shop is decorated with beautiful furniture and knick knacks. Don’t miss the displays of quirky objects from yesteryear that the owners have sourced f

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February 24

Janice Scheckter @Veldskoen Farm Stall added a review: Fall-off-the-bone lamb shank

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December 04

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Melanie Esterhuyse @Veldskoen Farm Stall posted the photos: 20181204_103545, 20181204_103647, 20181204_084257, 20181204_103510, 20181204_084634 (Veldskoen Farm Stall)

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N1 Highway
De Doorns Western Cape 6875
+023 356 2619