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Who are we?

SPACES is a place available for a particular purpose which is "The Freedom or Opportunity to Express oneself!" SPACES represents the opportunity to develop and to live our passion and fill our need for creativity and love for the artistic. SPACES refers to the universe and the saying: "Reach for the Stars!". The endlessness and the bigness of the universe, the magic of the unknown, but also the beauty and the endless possibilities to extend and to grow, because there are no limits to space in SPACE. These qualities are therefore also represented in the logo: a vibrant, red star, which needs to be a constant reminder of what this venture is all about. SPACES represents the space of our personal time-frame we are in at present. It gives us Space to enjoy and develop something which had always been a dream, an urge and aspiration. A space to reconnect with oneself, a time to use the space in our lives to grow and put our individual energies out there. SPACES is also a place with space for

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Voortrekker Road
Robertson Western Cape 6705
+023 626 6670