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We Drink Creatively. The blending of two time honoured pastimes, drinking and painting, always results in amazing masterpieces! Paint Nite shakes up your night out with friends by offering you the perfect mix of artistic and alcoholic spirits. In about 2 hours, a master artist leads your party through the steps to create a 16 x 20” acrylic masterpiece that you get to take home with you. We cover the painting supplies and you cover your clothes with one of our fabulous signature Paint Nite bright green aprons. (Hands, arms, and face are fair game!) All you need to do is buy a ticket and show up ready to have an awesome time, no painting experience needed! And always, ALWAYS, #DrinkCreatively!

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February 24

Janice Scheckter @Paint Nite South Africa: Welcome to Paint Nite - look forward to collaborating.

5 years ago

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