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Le Bonheur is truly one of the Winelands gems that has to be visited in the Paarl region.

Their mission is to promote the conservation of the Nile crocodile and other reptiles through education and to provide an engaging experience that nurtures respect for crocodiles and other south African reptiles

Le Bonheur offers some exciting reptile adventures to visitors this summer.

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Pinotage Day Celebrations in Paarl

Posted by Lorenzo Samuels on 03 October 2017 11:35 AM CAT
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Pinotage Day Celebrations in Paarl

Pinotage is a grape variety that was created in South Africa in 1925 by Abraham Izak Perold, the first Professor of Viticulture at Stellenbosch University.

Perold was attempting to combine the best qualities of the robust Hermitage with Pinot noir, a grape that makes great wine but can be difficult to grow.

Perold planted the four seeds from his cross in the garden of his official residence at Welgevallen Experimental Farm and then apparently forgot about them. In 1927 he left the university to take up a job with KWV co-operative and the garden became overgrown. The university sent in a team to tidy it up, just as Charlie Niehaus happened to pass by. He was a young lecturer who knew about the seedlings, and rescued them from the clean-up team.

The young plants were moved to Elsenburg Agricultural College, grafted onto newly established rootstock and the one that was doing best was selected for propagation and was christened Pinotage.

The first wine was made in 1941 at Elsenburg.

14 October is International Pinotage Day and Paarl Wine Route producers will be celebrating this special grape.

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