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Like me, from time to time, you possibly feel that the pace of innovation is pretty insane and sometimes even overwhelming. In just a few years we’ve probably changed over 50% of the way in which we consume stuff. The Collaborative Era thinking, that ‘access’ triumphs over ‘ownership’, coupled with the management of excess, has driven disruption in many areas including, transport and accommodation, among others. With access to a world of talent, acquisition of skills and services in business today is so radically different and would have been unimaginable just 10 years ago. Creative destruction caused by technology is rampant. Are you still asking WHY you need a community? 

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Communities are without a doubt becoming more and more critical to business, to civil society and non-government organisations, and to government. For the past few years, we’ve curated content and written prolifically about collaboration. A few months ago I decided on a reboot as collaboration is a strong outcome of shared-purpose communities and it seemed prudent to, in some ways rewind to the basics and in other ways fast forward to how communities are built, nurtured, measured and sustained.

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Mobile apps and Tourism - the linkage

Posted by Ayanda Khuzwayo on 31 July 2018 10:30 AM CAT
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Looking at the tourism landscape in 2018, one could confidently say that Technolgy has transformed the tourism industry. But why have travel apps become so popular? Travel-based mobile apps were the 7th most downloaded apps in the year 2016. tourism mobile makes it easier for the tourism sector to access their markets in a faster and cost-effective way. Not only this but also Collaboration amongst entrepreneurs on a tourist route is then fostered. 

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