NG Church Franschhoek

  • Hugenoteweg 29
  • Franschhoek, Western Cape
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Who are we?

The Dutch Reformed Church of Franschhoek has existed since 1843 and has its roots in the establishment of the French Huguenots in the valley in 1688. The Huguenot Memorial Museum and the Huguenot Monument are in the town. There is only one teacher in the congregation, after Prof Pieter Coertzen retired as a second teacher on April 20, 2008. Prof Coertzen was a lecturer at the University of Stellenbosch's faculty of Theology, but linked to the Dutch Reformed Church of Franschhoek. In addition, the congregation has a scribe, a coster, a cleaner, and two field workers. The church's organist is Mrs Felicity Grove. The church has two cemetaries; one is the historic cemetery near the church building and the other is near the Huguenot Monument. It is also often called the "Huguenot Cemetery" because of the large number of Huguenots buried there.

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Hugenoteweg 29
Franschhoek Western Cape
+27(0)21 876 2431