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Who are we?

Paul de Jongh and Nina Shand produce high temperature, wood-fired and salt-glazed stoneware and porcelain at their showroom and studio in Bree Street. They also make wood-fired terracotta, electric-fired domestic ware as well as sculptural and decorative raku pieces.

Alternative Kilns and Firing Techniques: a fun three-day workshop filled with smoke, fire, and fumes!

2,5 days – 16,17 & 18 June, 2017

This workshop offers the opportunity of firing your pots using a variety of different alternative techniques. A variety of low-temperature firing techniques will be explored in 6 seperate firings. An input and slide show will be presented giving an overall explanation of the firing processes to be used, how they differ, their historical context, explaining the construction of the kilns etc. The firings include:

Smoke & Barrel Firing

Pit Firing

Sawdust Firing

Naked Raku

Obvara firing

Conventional Raku

Construction and Firing of a Paper Kiln

This workshop is suitable for professional & hobby potters, students and teachers.

Firing materials: All ceramic pieces used must be brought with you, made from an open bodied clay and bisque fired to bisque temperature of around 950 degrees C. A list of materials and additional items required will be sent once you have registered for the worskhop.

Cost: R 2 500 per person, includes all meals for the duration of the workshop. R1 000 deposit is required for registration.

Contact Nina to book on 023 625 1599 or 072 544 2145

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