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Who are we?

From a 15-year reunion for old mates came a community-changing initiative that has, in a short space of time, touched lives and offered hope to a number of people. The interim committee of members is now referred to as “The Firm” (no, we are not gangsters); planning events that build community spirit and raise funds for those in need.

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Recent Activity

August 18

Doreen Carolissen @Kylemore Charity Foundation scheduled BOLLYWOOD Charity Ball

1 year ago

July 05

Lavinia Goshai @Kylemore Charity Foundation contributed to the wiki Profile Spotlight

2 years ago

May 16

Lavinia Goshai @Kylemore Charity Foundation posted the photos: 18425225_1885019971785999_7716460997215680813_n, 18485267_1885020035119326_6131974981524775048_n, 18528070_1885019985119331_1773036432780534407_n, 18486245_1885005948454068_2327217393843889286_n, 18446743_1885006305120699_3495959976439848451_n, 18447110_1885010441786952_823963686830745941_n, 18446584_1885009315120398_7351908653512872533_n, 18446597_1885011495120180_5167304774063869191_n, 18425236_1885011005120229_6517082487327305799_n, 18425258_1885007088453954_4793689329580925652_n (Breakfast at Le Pommier for the Elderly - May 2017)

2 years ago

May 08

Lavinia Goshai @Kylemore Charity Foundation: This coming Saturday we're spoiling Kylemore's youth of yesteryear to a lovely breakfast at Le Pommier Restaurant. If your mom/dad/grandparents are aged 70 and over, please let them know of this gathering. The bus will depart from Sondela 08:15 am and we'll stop at Brooks Street Park and the VGK. Cost: Free Please share this message and let us know by Wednesday.

2 years ago

March 16

Lavinia Goshai @Kylemore Charity Foundation posted the question Heart Warming Project

2 years ago

March 15

Lavinia Goshai @Kylemore Charity Foundation posted the photos: 15977884_1823549484599715_6492738218776766376_n, 16174913_1823548564599807_7135888014228121229_n, 16195365_1823549611266369_6900915310347020040_n, 16194947_1823548731266457_8237434873360864574_n, 16142332_1823549077933089_4884764393281809948_n, 16174567_1823549244599739_5864080284431241367_n, 16002794_1823548971266433_4282507378854033896_n, 16105811_1823548587933138_513934757752918426_n, 15978022_1823548747933122_4592369786288222184_n, 15978113_1823548567933140_3935393426235521194_n (The Big Bash1)

2 years ago

Lavinia Goshai @Kylemore Charity Foundation: Things to look forward to: The official launch of Dwarsriver Table Tennis Club (TBC) Breakfast with the elderly (TBC) Soup kitchen (During Winter) Charity Ball: Bollywood (29 September) After Party (15 December) More details to follow soon. Team KCF

2 years ago

March 02

Lavinia Goshai @Kylemore Charity Foundation: Support Family Day this Saturday- Beneficiaries are Kylemore High School and Neighbourhood Watch.

2 years ago

Lavinia Goshai @Kylemore Charity Foundation contributed to the wiki Profile Overview

2 years ago

February 01

Lavinia Goshai @Kylemore Charity Foundation: Join KCF on the 4th March 2017- Celebrating Family Day. See you there!

2 years ago

January 13

Lavinia Goshai @Kylemore Charity Foundation: Big Bash III Schedule. Game 1: 14:00 -15:30 Game 2: 15:30 - 17:00 Netball (Seven Circles vs Kylemore: final) Cricket final: 18:00 - 19:30 As you have noticed, we have changed the format of the day's play and have added the netball into prime time. All team members to donate R100.00 each, to assist with the day's proceedings. More details to follow soon and we might even have a little surprise for you. Watch this space. Team KCF

2 years ago

December 20

Lavinia Goshai @Kylemore Charity Foundation: Next fundraising event - January 28th.

2 years ago

November 11

Lavinia Goshai @Kylemore Charity Foundation posted a classified ad Admin Assistant

2 years ago

October 25

Lavinia Goshai @Kylemore Charity Foundation contributed to the wiki Profile Message

2 years ago

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