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Why you should visit Franschhoek’s best-kept secret

Posted by Lorenzo Samuels on 01 July 2019 12:25 PM CAT
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Franschhoek knows how to show you a good time. And La Petite Ferme knows exactly how to enchance the beauty of the Cape Winelands with its effortless charm.

There are very few places that offer a better getaway than Franschhoek. The pulsating heart of the Cape Winelands can be both frenetic and serene, perfectly poised within its own duality. But, at the top of the hill lies La Petite Ferme – an idyllic hotel with luxury lodges.

The private location boasts only a handful of luxury lodges, and its small-scale beauty adds to its irresistible charm. Just 1.5km out of Franschhoek’s vibey main road, you wind around the bend and discover an oasis on your right-hand side. You can expect a grand entrance when you get there, too.

The service is absolutely top-notch. Guests are escorted from the parking lot to the reception via a buggy and made to feel welcome with a glass of wine on arrival. Then, the best bit of the whole day is getting to see your room. Although, with a heaven-sent veranda and a personal pool to sample, you’ll end up spending most of your time outside.

We decided to stay local for our lunch and sampled La Petite Ferme’s winter menu. Now, we’ve made some good decisions in our time, but this was up there with the best: Between our melanzane parmagiano and roast duck, we were able to enjoy the best of both a vegetarian and carnivorous world.

Both the veggies and the meat were cooked to perfection, with crispy exteriors giving way to the tender fillings inside. Even for the winter menu, the prices were a little steep – but that’s Franschhoek, and that’s what you have to do when you’re paying for top-quality food.

Head Chef Kyle and his talented brigade express their creative freedom, experimenting with various flavours and to create an authentic menu showcasing seasonal produce from the area. The motivation behind each wonderful dish stems from the origins of La Petite Ferme – country cuisine with a contemporary touch.

We were fortunate enough to enjoy complimentary cake and coffee during the afternoon, too. It’s served from 16:30 until 17:00, so your window of opportunity is small but ultimately worth it. The glory of staying there in winter means that you get to indulge in a sumptuous baked cheesecake while watching the sun approach its final resting place for the day.

Now, there isn’t a great deal to do on the premises of La Petite Ferme, but we can’t really hold that against them: Town is a stone’s throw away, and the whole point of visiting this luxury location is to unwind and relax. Bring yourself a book, or at least a swimming costume, and you’ll realise there’s nothing else you’ll be craving.

The villa itself is such a lekker place: There’s a lot to be said for the sprawling size of the bathroom too. The free-standing bath and spacious area makes a soak in the tub something truly spectacular. Again, the window view does a lot to enhance the experience.

We kept things quite light for dinner, and that’s the beauty of La Petite Ferme. The menu is versatile, considering its upmarket status. Some soup, a few nibbles and a cheeseboard kept us happy. But what we didn’t consume in the evening, we made up for during breakfast.

The continental spread was everything we’d hoped for. Yes, more cheese (when in Frans, right?) and cured meats kept us happy, and the fried breakfast that followed really did hit the spot. You can customise it however you like, so you better believe found a way to smuggle more bacon and eggs onto our plates.

Then, it was time to check-out – on a full stomach, we should add. If it seems like all we did was eat and chill, then, well… you’d be right. But that’s exactly what La Petite Ferme is for. You come here to take it easy. You absorb the views, and expend very little energy in the process – it’s the ultimate recharging station.

If you’re in the mood to lounge, you have a tailor-made base. If you get itchy-feet, you’re guaranteed a warm reception from the crowds of Franschhoek just down the road. It truly is a stunning place to give yourself the R ‘n’ R you deserve – and you can learn more about staying here by visiting their website: La Petite Ferme.

Blog supplied by: The South African by Tom Head 2019-06-30.

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