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Who are we?

Hands on Farming During the summer months, Farmer Redbeard harvests his fruit orchards and vineyards. So those budding fruit farmers, vintners and wine aficionados can have the chance to experience the magic of the harvest without having to quit their day job. This working holiday can be used for team building or year - end functions, family and school leaver's holiday. Beekeeping It is a sweet morning /afternoon outing where one can gets to walk in the footsteps of Farmer Redbeard, the bee keeper and practice the art of smoking the bees, retrieving and spinning out the honey. One's taste buds get to explore the differnt types of honey produced in this area, and which can be enjoyed on fresh homemade bread with tea or coffee on his stoep. Hiking and Cycling Being in the open air in the Langeberg mountain on a bicycle or on foot, with enough time for conversation about the bird life or Cape fynbos, is a way to gain an appetite for a home cooked meal that awaits you at the finish line

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Ashton Western Cape 6715
+023 615 1204