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  • Shop 85 A, Mountain Mill Shopping Center, Worcester
  • Worcester, WC
  • 6850
  • +023 342 0751

Who are we?

Experience the outdoor lifestyle. Explore the great outdoors with Expedition North. Whether your expeditions are close to home, a camping trip or exploring further north, we offer you great outdoor gear. Expedition North will advise you on the best possible equipment and gear you need on your next outdoor adventure. With stores nationwide, Expedition North is constantly expanding and making its mark on local consumers.

Recent Activity

November 07

Barbara Janse van Rensburg @Expedition North posted the photos: PHOTO-2019-08-02-10-13-46\, PHOTO-2019-07-31-23-05-39\, 2aec1707-03ce-4bad-88a6-87c385b4e89e, 8eb60da6-f032-4460-93d0-8a8346ab8866, c15a0c0f-8794-4e89-97a0-0a6cd4632381\ (Things)

4 months ago

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