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ThrowbackMemories- Pniel

Posted by Lavinia Goshai on 25 June 2019 10:10 AM CAT
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The name Mr. Muller brings so much memories back of yesteryear.

He was a friend to the whole community  not just Pniel, but Dwarsrivier Valley. 

His shop was legendary,....you had a problem you go to Mr. Muller and he will give help or find what you need. 

Especially the young ones getting their handfull of 'appelkosies' and an extra treat,...just because. If you got married you'd get a present if it was your birthday, well he had something for you!

Then there was the petrol pump too,..and believe it or not nobody cared to wait.

Some remenisce over the smell of the shop,...antique-ish and homey, some still dream about the variety of sweets,...droplekkers, name lekkers, you name it he had it.

Oh , how we miss the good old days!!

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Spoil Dad this Sunday with a stay over at Hillcrest Berry Orchards.

A working Berry farm with stunning views, fresh produce, breakfast, lunch and special treats.

Buy jams, berries and hand made products from the locals.

Hillcrest Berry Cottages:

The 3 bedroomed cottage is perfect for the long weekend. With DSTV, fireplace and fully equipped kitchen. This is indeed calling for a winter snuggle.

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Bread Platter Experience- Boschendal Farm

Posted by Lavinia Goshai on 10 June 2019 12:30 PM CAT
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Next time you visit be sure to make the Boschendal Bread Plate a part of your dining experience.

Invite you family and friends along to experience the farm living lifestyle of Boschendal Farm. Fresh produce and organic living is part of the sustainable future of the farm.

The Bread Plate includes whipped flavoured butter, beef tallow and spring onion elmulsion, exquisite combination!! Now imagine combining that with a wine tasting. Pair and taste.

Make that your wanderlust experience for winter or everyday.

Make your booking: 021 870 4235

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Posted by Lorenzo Samuels on 03 June 2019 9:15 AM CAT
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There is something really interesting about the history of slavery, this area has a strong architectural heritage. A walking tour through the town‘s streets highlighting the memorial buildings, sensitive church designs and other key features of local community architecture.

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