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Tourims Month Launch with CWDM in the Dwarsrivier ValleyWP_20180907_035.jpg

Who are we?

Our valley has been named such because of the Dwarsrivier that runs through it from top to bottom. This river, a life source for the valley has over the centuries served many purposes ranging from a drinking place for animals or water source for orchards to a hide away for young romantics or even philosophers of old, giving each their little piece of solitude where they could and till today can, escape the realities of our ever-changing world.


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September 14

Lavinia Goshai @Dwarsrivier Tourism: Dwarsrivier Tourism attending the Getaway Show in JHB, 14-17 September 2018

2 weeks ago

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Lavinia Goshai @Dwarsrivier Tourism posted the photos: 41719302_2276401289041736_950546773082898432_o, 41723182_2276400752375123_706089423711764480_o, 41793156_2276400942375104_5359292047721234432_o, vycdtufyuolu (GetawayShow in JHB- 14-16 September 2018)

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September 06

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September 03

Ayanda Khuzwayo @Dwarsrivier Tourism contributed to the wiki Dwarsrivier Tourism Back up

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August 30

Lavinia Goshai @Dwarsrivier Tourism published Le Pommier is Hiring- Waiters

4 weeks ago

Lavinia Goshai @Dwarsrivier Tourism: Pniel Congregational Church is Celebrating 175 Years. Join the celebration with Friday, 31 Aug 2018,with a a Cultural Dress-Up and Dinner.

4 weeks ago

August 28

Lavinia Goshai @Dwarsrivier Tourism: Cooking classes started today in the Dwarsrivier Valley in collaboration with facilitator Fatima Shaik. #empowerment Freedom Route Development. Check out the pics

4 weeks ago

August 27

Lavinia Goshai @Dwarsrivier Tourism published Khayamandi Tour

1 month ago

Lavinia Goshai @Dwarsrivier Tourism posted the photos: WP_20180824_002, WP_20180824_022, WP_20180824_010, WP_20180824_013, WP_20180824_020, WP_20180824_021, WP_20180824_003, WP_20180824_039, WP_20180824_008, WP_20180824_009, WP_20180824_027, WP_20180824_029, WP_20180824_023, WP_20180824_025, WP_20180824_032, WP_20180824_033, WP_20180824_030, WP_20180824_031, WP_20180824_034, WP_20180824_035, WP_20180824_040 (Khayamandi Tour- 24 August 2018)

1 month ago

August 22

Organization Information

  • Founder: Stellenbosch Municipality
  • Services: tourist information, workshops, network sessions
  • No. of Employees: 2
  • Area(s) Served: Pniel, Kylemore, Johannesdal, Lanquedoc
  • Hours of operation: 08h00-17h00
  • Type: Public

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All practical with our guest yesterday- Dwarsrivier Valley Freedom Route Educational- 21 Aug 2018

Staff from Mont Rochelle- Franschhoek and Winelands ExperienceWP_20180821_007.jpg WP_20180821_046.jpg


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