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Who are we?

De Kleipot specializes in hand-made, hand-painted tiles. Products vary from mosaic inserts, magnets, key rings, to different tile ranges, including Art Nouveau, heart- and flower tiles, floor tiles (specially made not to wear), outdoor tiles and different shaped wall tiles. Tiles are made in 5cmx5cm, 10cmx10cm and 15cmx15cm. We do specialized work for individual clients. Where ceramic is re-created. Where you can get top quality hand-crafted products.

Recent Activity

September 11

Siyanda Edwana @De Kleipot: Can’t wait to learn how to make clay pots. I wouldn’t have imagined there is so much to do..!

8 months ago

August 29

Lorenzo Samuels @De Kleipot posted the photos: DeKleipot2, DeKleipot (Something Interesting)

9 months ago

December 07

Barbara Janse van Rensburg @De Kleipot posted the photos: Lisa Kretschmer 1, IMG_4754.jpeg, 78196e73-6baa-43c5-a40e-d492a63da7fc, photo (Places)

1 year ago

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Aan de Doorns, Worcester
Worcester WC 6850
+023 342 1388