Capedry Montagu Farmstall (Cape Dried Fruit)

  • 102 Bath Street
  • Montagu, Western Cape
  • +27(0)23 614 1134

Who are we?

The country-styled Capedry Montagu Farmstall situated in the heart of the beautiful little Karoo town Montagu, offers the public a range of delicious dried fruit and nuts products at wholesale prices. Established in 1991 Lizbe Viljoen started selling dried fruit and nuts. The Capedry product range has been growing at an exceptional rate. At the end of 2007, Lizbe finally decided to build a bigger Factory shop with enough space to fit all the hungry customers and the ever-growing Montagu products under one roof. Today, the Capedry Montagu Farmstall offers a wide variety of products at factory prices, which include all tree fruits like Apple rings, Cape Peeled Peaches, YC Unpeeled Peaches, Peach Elberta, Pears, Pitted Prunes, Royal Apricots and also a variety of nuts, seeds and sweets. Other products from Montagu and surrounding areas include homemade jams, chutneys, rusks, biltong, droƫwors, olives and olive oil.

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102 Bath Street
Montagu Western Cape
+27(0)23 614 1134