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Who are we?

he loves music. she loves dancing to music. she loves cooking. he loves eating. she loves making spaces beautiful. he loves making people comfortable. she loves photographing. he’s beautiful to photograph. we love dancing and laughing and hanging out. we love spending time with people who want to spend time. we love connecting with people and helping people connect. we love hearing peoples stories and sharing our own. we love mcgregor, the peace, grace, sparkle and new life it offers. we love our family and finding new family in friends. so.... we found a perfect space, in a perfect courtyard, in a perfect village that we can make a magical melting pot of all of those things and share them with you. we want to bring the greatest musicians to our courtyard and make sure they are treated like the amazing artists that they are. we want to create events that lift peoples days and you would want to tell your grandkids about one day, or, heck, bring them along too

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